The Parrot Challenged His Feathered Friend To A Dance-Off


We’ve seen horses dance, dogs boogie and cats “sing” their hearts out. But we’ve never seen two birds with as much rhythm as Jonathan and Sadie!

As the music bumps in the background, both Jonathan and Sadie begin to bob their heads to the beat. This is something everyone should see at least once in their lives!

Even though this head bobbing is clearly due to the music playing in the background, the Petcha website says that type of behavior is normally indicative of hunger. The site goes on to explains that head bobbing and shaking (when not to music) is what baby birds do to get food from their mothers, so it makes sense this behavior translates to domesticated birds.

They know that head bobbing can lead to a good meal or even a quick treat! It’s also understandable that these cute birds know that if they “dance” to the music, they may get a tasty reward for their participation.

Whatever the reason behind Jonathan and Sadie’s impressive dance moves, we’re just happy it was caught on camera. We can’t stop laughing over their feathered antics! These two really like bobbing to the beat!

Mom films her two children holding the birds as “What Is Love” by Haddaway blasts over the stereo. Within seconds of the music starting, both Jonathan and Sadie are boogieing along to the song! These two really have rhythm.

This is just too funny and no one can keep their giggles suppressed! Even though this was their first time meeting each other, Jonathan and Sadie look like they’re going to be two peas in a pod.

Parrots often bond for life with their fellow bird buddies. Hopefully Jonathan and Sadie will have even more dance fests in the future as they hang out together.

Take a peek at their fun dance moves in the video below. You’ll really get a kick out of these two!