They Set Hidden Cameras In The Woods


In Canada, put the camera in the woods to shoot a video with a bear, but this they did not expect… Researchers believe that male bears scratching on trees not because they exasperated the itching.

In fact, they tag trees, communicating in this way with other bears, even in order to find a friend or avoid a battle with another male. Nevin Owen, an ecologist at the University of Cumbria in the UK, who conducted this study, believes that males used trees to communicate with other males to reduce face-to-face combat encounters.

They are “talking” smells of the trees, determining for yourself, you should fight and engage in battle with a male that itched there before him, or better not to get involved and to look for another territory.

“It’s just like people,”Owen says,” because when two big grown men meet to identify a superior, a stronger, and a more powerful person, they should also have as much information about each other as possible in advance.” The Swiss photographer was stunned when he saw an unusual “image”.

In Canada, grizzly in order to scratch, chose a pole on the side of the road. Marcel gross, waking up on the roof of his car in a tent, saw an incredible sight: two huge bears scratched about a pole, right on the side of the road.