Who But Tim Conway Could Make A Grown Man Wet His Pants?


A recurring guest star from the launch of the show and later a regular actor, Tim Conway provided unexpected bits of sketches that became known to the state as “Conway Racing.” Conway would play the first taping straight, but would give off the cuff bizarre scenarios during the second year.

Some well-known clips included Conway as a Nazi interrogator who insults an American captive (Lyle Waggoner). Using a Hitler puppet and a pencil as a “club,” Conway sang three verses, “I was Working on the railroad”, because Waggoner tried in vain to stay in character, but instead several just finished cursing, when Adolf Hitler began another verse of the song.

Some, like the Hitler puppet, made it into the final transfer; others, like a particularly intricate story about Siamese elephants, joined in the barrel (issued by an impromptu during 1977 by a Family sketch of a Mom), would have been edited, a version not censored, only seemingly years later by an emergency CBS message.

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