Two Cute Bear Cubs Playing in the Middle of the Road. ‘And Let the Whole World Wait’


Little bear cubs are very funny and playful. It’s a pity that we can rarely see them. Their mom does not admit anyone to his family for a close distance. Sometimes, in the whole part of the forest, no one can hurry, knowing that the she-bear is wandering around with her cubs. Little bears go for a long time with their mother, get used to her and to their lair.

When the mother leaves them, they often wander around from the old lair. At inclement weather they go there even to spend the night. In California this summer, one family managed to capture a unique video. On the way from the National Park, they noticed two bear cubs on the highway, who, without being frightened of cars, quietly ‘entertained’ directly on the road.

Nearby the bushes they were followed by a bear, so it was dangerous to approach the kids. Fortunately, there were no casualties. After playing a little, the cubs ran after their mother in the forest, eliminating the danger to people. Watch these cuties and their joyful game on the video below. It will make your day for sure.

A bear cub appears in the den, arranged under large stones, in crevices, sometimes in caves or large burrows. Actually, the ‘sleeping place’ in the den is not very large, especially you do not hang around, but the bear is very responsible to its arrangement. Children play very actively – they run around, jostle, fight, everywhere they ‘stick their noses’, they are keenly interested in others, climb trees. At first glance, the brown bear is clumsy, but it runs very fast.

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