Watch Awesome Flashmob in Shopping Center: Old People Dancing to “Feelin’ Good” by the DNC.


They want to raise awareness about their project and make more viewers interested in their cause, and you will guess that the oldest flash mob in the world was a part of this campaign. It symbolized the beginning of a new era for the seniors, and if they had their hesitations as to Lifemark before, they now know that it is the center that is going to help them if they require assistance and guidance in choosing the best housing for their age group.

With the population of seniors increasing in New Zealand, more and more people are searching for options that would allow them to become aware of the latest trends. When the grannies below pair up with grandpas, who have some moves on them as well, you can’t look away from the screen.

They are winning fans, and we can see that the onlookers are already taking out their phones not to miss the single moment of the routine below. They know that they don’t witness shows like this every day, that’s why they want to record the flash mob and share it with their nearest and dearest, who are waiting for something fun to appear in the news.

You will be delighted to watch the seniors below. They transform the meaning of elderly and prove that it is never too late to dance and bust out some moves, especially if the good music is playing. You will fall in love with their routine as soon as you press play. The dancers are simply charming!