Watch the Cutest Video Ever: Adorable Playful Panda Won’t Let Caretaker Go


Instead of eating bamboo and enjoying life, just like other pandas that are living in the enclosure, this fellow is more interested in grabbing his handler’s leg. The hilarious footage was posted by the Wolong National Nature Reserve. The mischievous buddy does not cease his attempts to play with the caretaker, and it is surely going to melt the hearts of the viewers, who have just discovered this tape.

We all know that pandas are one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are playful, charming and cute to the extreme, that’s why the video is currently making rounds on the media. However, you will pay more attention to its content the minute you find out that the cutie below is kept at the national reserve.

This means that the panda is well-protected, and no harm can come to the little one as long as he stays under the watchful eye of his caretakers. They are looking after him and his friends day and night, and we have to admit that the handler on the screen has a strong emotional connection with the panda.

Every time he comes into the pen to make sure that his mate is fine, he is treated like a friend. The panda can’t get enough of the playful interaction, and when the guy starts throwing bamboo out of the way, the animal is not pleased. He wants the caretaker to shower him with cuddles, and when he sees that the guy is distracted by his daily routine, there is no way for the panda to be content

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