Whoopi Goldberg and Co-Stars from “Sister Act’ Reunite on One Stage for an Amazing Performance


In Hollywood, there are many talented stars, but there are those who, once you see it, fall in love forever. She did not get anything on the silver platter. All that she has today is the guarantee of her hard work. This is the heroine of our video. Whoopi Goldberg’s biography is a motley kaleidoscope where there is room for drugs, unloading bricks, preparing the dead in the morgue for the last journey, and four treasured actress’s awards, which many of her colleagues seek.

Yes, she is a laureate of ‘Tony’, ‘Grammy’, ‘Golden Globe’ and ‘Oscar’. The real name of the actress is Karin Elaine Johnson. She took a name for her child’s nickname, and the name Goldberg – as a tribute to Odessa’s Jewish roots. The mother of the future actress claimed that with the surname Johnson to become a star more difficult.

The talent for acting was discovered in the girl at the age of eight. Right, that time she started attending the Helen Rubenstein experimental theater. So, the young actress was trusted with significant roles. Over time, on the west coast of America began a brilliant creative biography of Whoopi Goldberg. At first, she played at several theaters.

Enlightenment happened when the young actress playing two roles in the production of ‘Mother Courage’ simultaneously. Glory, loud and unbelievable, fell on Whoopi Goldberg in 1985, when she turned 30 years old. She heard that Steven Spielberg was going to film an epic novel by Alice Walker ‘Flowers of purple fields.’

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