Woman Goes To Give Owl Bath With Squirt Bottle


Domesticated owl takes its first bath in life. It is just adorable how she resposive feathers and bathed – such a sight often see! With the same enthusiasm it takes and dryer drying. Despite the unusual thing for a wild bird, it clearly enjoys the flow of warm air and even closes its eyes with pleasure.

Owls are one of the most mysterious and charismatic predators in the world. Despite the huge number of stereotypes that exist, we know very little about them. They often say that owls “see” with their ears. B

y acuity of hearing, they exceed all birds and most terrestrial vertebrates, including mammals. Therefore, their own sound signals play a great importance for owls.

And they are not limited to one ear: they are able to whistle, squeal, make shrill cries, click, grumble and even laugh. So, the cry of snow owls in the North is similar to the cries of seabirds, and dwarf owls, for example, whimper whistling. There is even a screaming owl, which gives a series of noisy, sharp, whistling beeps.

Thus the familiar “hooting”, which, incidentally, is not peculiar to all the species – claimed territory. Vaunted ears of an owl, which is 50 times more sensitive than humans, it is rare to see.

Two feathers-covered tassels crowning the heads of many owls are not responsible for hearing at all. The real ears are located asymmetrically and different in size, shape and position on the head.