Woman Looks Out Window After Hiring Plumber


While many of us head out to our office jobs or have the luxury of working from home, other people are tasked with some of the dirtiest jobs imaginable! One person who has to face a variety of filthy responsibilities is Jimmie Cox.

Jimmie is a utility employee outside of Fort Worth, Texas, and he faces work obstacles most of us couldn’t even imagine! That’s exactly what happened recently when he was servicing a home’s broken water pipe.

The water kept flowing and he couldn’t figure out where the leak was coming from, so he did the only thing he could… he dove right in! It’s unimaginable what he did to take care of his customer.

The woman who owns the house came outside and discovered Jimmie’s torso completed submerged in the murky water! After checking to make sure he was okay and asking if he was comfortable with her snapping a picture, she ran inside to grab her camera.

Jimmie paid no mind to the woman capturing the moment on her camera and got back to the task at hand. Thankfully, Jimmy was able to repair the broken pipe – but he had no idea that his picture was going absolutely viral online!

In fact, Jimmie’s picture caught the attention of “Dirty Jobs” master, Mike Rowe. Mike saw the photo of Jimmie’s body totally submerged in the muddy water and reached out to him directly.

He had only one question for Jimmie: was it a water main or sewage line? Chuckling, Jimmie confirmed that it was just a broken water pipe!

Not only did Jimmie receive a phone call from Mike, but Wrangler (the brand of pants he’s wearing in the photo) is sending him a year’s supply of jeans to keep him clean going forward!

It seems like it pays to go above and beyond the call of duty. Take a look at this shocking photo and the praise Jimmie is receiving in the video below.