You Will Be Laughing All Day at These Hilarious Sisters Who Can’t Stop Fighting in Their 80.


No matter how old you are, there are some habits that you simply can’t get rid of and people, who keep reminding you about them day and night. This can be said about the hilarious couple you are going to see next. Gramma and Ginga are the media sensations that have their own YouTube channel, where they post regular updates on what they are doing daily.

The communication that is happening between these grannies proves that siblings will always be siblings, and though they are entirely different personalities, they still have something in common. Gramma is 104, living next to her sister in Clarksburg. Ginga is 99, and she is so playful that you will be smiling the second you spot her on the screen. It is impossible to look at this granny without feeling warm.

The lady adds that she knows a secret to stay happy, and you need to watch her regular morning call when she wants to check out if Gramma is fine. She dials the number and starts giggling hysterically, and the viewers are cracking up as well because this is a perfect example of the sibling bickering that needs to be featured in the news.

Ginga tells the audience about her life, and we find out that she is truly a special lady. She has been married four times, and she says that she always been a huge flirt. She doesn’t stop making friends even now, and you will see that she tries to remain energetic even though she doesn’t have the same energy as before.

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