Young Girl Climbs Fence To Play With Foal


When we think of cuddly pets, images of cats, dogs and bunnies pop into our minds. We would never think that a horse would love to snuggle like the cuddliest of pups!

Fortunately for Sunny Bayne of Kentucky, the horse’s rider, the new foal absolutely loves to snuggle and comes right up to her to do so! Thankfully, someone had the camera running the entire time and was able to capture on of these quick cuddle sessions on the farm!

Horses and human being close isn’t too far out of an idea! According to The Horse website, horses of all ages can recognize their human friends and differentiate familiar faces and scents from foes.

This means that horses understand some humans are safe to socialize with (like Sunny) and it’s best to steer clear from others. That’s why this foal feels so comfortable for coming up to Sunny for a snuggle.

The baby understands that she doesn’t pose a risk and would do anything to keep it protected. Sunny takes her relationship with the foal very seriously and never wants the baby to feel uncertain about her motives!

Even though the foal feels totally comfortable in Sunny’s arms, its mother comes over to make sure everything is okay! She doesn’t want her little one to be hurt and quickly realizes that Sunny is, in fact, a safe friend!

It’s clear Sunny and the foal are going to be best friends for many years to come! How exciting to be blessed to watch this baby grow up.

But will Sunny still be able to heartily hug this equine once she’s full grown? She definitely won’t be able to roll around on the ground safely with her, that’s for sure.

Maybe a gentle squeeze around the neck will still work for this sweetheart of a horse once she’s an adult. Either way, they’ll still have a strong bond and a great relationship.

Take a peek at this adorable interaction for yourself in the video below.