1 Year Old Was Abducted From The Car


A year old toddler was abducted from his family car on 24th July, 2015. William Ebron, the boyfriend of the toddler’s mother, left this toddler and his 5 year old sister in the car for few minutes to take something from his apartment. But when he returned, his car along with this toddler was gone.

Till now the whereabouts of the abducted toddler is unknown. But detectives are doing their best to find him. Amber alert was issued on the same day the toddler was abducted and the family is asking everyone to help them find their little boy.

Apparently the family was about to pick up the children’s mother, 25 year old Lonna Lauramore, who was just getting off work at a local restaurant. The car which was stolen was orange 1995 Honda Civic.

Police found this car abandoned several blocks away from their apartment. Even though Ebron notified the police about the event, the latest investigation shows that Ebron lied to the police about the abduction. He was arrested and his bail was set to $100,000.