2 Kids Take The Stage For Unusual ‘Footloose’ Dance That Leaves The Judges’ Heads Spinning


When nine-year-olds Artyon and Paige were ready to take the stage for their latest America’s Got Talent performance, the audience held their breath to see what the cute kids would treat them to next. This delightful duo from California had already wowed the judges and fans with a dance routine to the funky song “Barbie Girl.”

But this time, they channeled the ‘80s and heartthrob Kevin Bacon. The kids’ routine was set to “Footloose,” a fast and fun song that’s quite catchy.

Paige kicks off the routine by dancing on the judges’ table while Artyon slides out onto the stage on his knees with fire shooting out behind him. There’s a barrage of backup dancers dressed for the ‘80s era.

The neon lights and dangling disco ball lend a total ‘80s feel to the stage. Despite the inflatable dolphins behind them, all eyes are on the kids.

The fans cannot wait to see what dance move is next. Not only are they wowed by the choreography but also their stage presence.

Artyon and Paige busted out some incredible moves that are astounding for such a young pair of dancers. They are beaming and having a blast.

The audience goes wild with their energetic routine, impressive choreography and awesome facial expressions. Artyon’s back handsprings are polished while Paige’s Fouettes are impressive.

Their partner moves are beautifully in sync. Their solo sections are amazing!

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