2-Year-Old Boy Takes Center Stage At Varsity Basketball Game And Sings The National Anthem


As an adult, I don’t think that we sometimes have as much courage as little kids do. Just out of their naivety and innocence, many children have it in them to stand up their fears or tackle something head out, as opposed to us adults who put logic and thought behind everything, before going through with it.

With that being said, this “something” could really just be as simple as a dance performance or a singing a song in front of a large crowd, and often times, people do chicken out—it’s human nature! But that doesn’t go for this little 2-year-old shown in the video below.

For everyone who knows NFL player, and the Bengals long snapper, Clark Harris, his son Trent Harris recently sang the national anthem at the Southern Regional High School varsity boys basketball game, and it was quite a cute performance to watch.

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