2 Yr Old Waits Patiently For His Best Friend, I Broke Down At Who Showed Up


Unusual friends have a way of making a way into our hearts, don’t they? The video below features a pair of unlikely friends that are going to leave you smiling from ear to ear. The little boy is called Deacon Ross and he is only two years old. They asked this little baby who his best friend is, but when I heard his answer, I couldn’t help but melt. His reply is no doubt going to steal your heart too! It is one of the cutest things ever!

Deacon has somehow managed to make a special bond with O Dee, the garbage man, who works his family’s route. They have one of the most adorable friendships I have ever seen before! But sadly, Deacon’s family is moving to a different neighbourhood. But he didn’t want to leave without a word to his best friend. Deacon helped his mother make a gift basket for O Dee. When O Dee finally arrives, the little guy gets extremely happy!

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