3 Year Old Cut Off All Her Hair


Almost all mothers with teenage daughters face this problem. Recently, a seemingly good girl with charming barrettes and bows in her hair went to school and pleased his mother and grandmother impeccably girlie, and suddenly… “we have in the classroom and in the yard is ALL allowed to cut their hair, even if only a single fringe, and I am a kindergarten go the same! I’m sick of these tails, braids stupid!

I get teased at school, nobody pays attention to me! Here is a girl from our class had his hair cut, and all the boys immediately fell in love with her, and no one will see me with my “rat tails”! I hate my hair!

Unfortunately, every mother can hear such conversations. And every mother’s heart when it is compressed from the injustice of the charges, out of love for the child, which replaces the real value of the human person. And most importantly – the girls think actually that the parents are opposed, so that they become more beautiful. And my mother can’t find words to explain to the daughter how often she was upset, coming as a youth from the hairdresser, not being able to do styling, or cut terribly ugly.

Guarantees beautiful haircut there is no. Can not make – then a frustrated child can even fall into depression – with a haircut will be even funnier for classmates, teasers will be offended, and the familiar “tail” is not possible…