4-Year-Old Learns Mommy’s Engaged, But Has 1 Unforgettable Comeback Why Fiancé Can’t Marry Her


When one man proposed to the love of his life, there was one element that needed to be addressed. Ian Faulkner asked Jasmin Niccole Brannans to be his wife, and start the rest of their lives as man and woman. He orchestrated the entire proposal, but after he popped the question, one little boy had something to say.

Jasmin’s 4-year old son Asher noticed the ring box Ian used to propose to his Mom. He picks up the box, which was surrounded by pink and red rose petals, and asks what the box was for. Jasmin responds that it was for the engagement ring, and asks Asher if he knows what rings are for. Asher preciously responds that they are “for people.”

Jasmin is sitting on a couch across the room, and asks Asher to come over to her and see her new ring. This is one moment mom will never forget.

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