5-Year-Old Boy Can’t Stop Crying As He Retells Story How He Saved His Dad’s Life


In life-or-death situations, quick thinking can mean the difference between triumph and tragedy. One little boy has learned that lesson firsthand.

Xander McPheeters loved working alongside his father. Just 5 years old at the time, he routinely helped his father do yard work and other chores.

One day, however, took an unexpected and terrifying turn. Xander and his father were working in the yard when Xander ran inside to grab a jacket.

That quickly, everything changed. What had been a nice afternoon suddenly turned into an emergency situation.

When Xander returned outside, he found his father unconscious and bleeding from the head. He had been struck by a tree while on his tractor.

Thankfully, Xander didn’t panic. Instead, he knew just what needed to be done.

According to RTV6, Xander recalled, “I just run to help and I shut the tractor off…and my dad wouldn’t wake up.”

After failing to wake his father, he ran next door and told his neighbors about the emergency.

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