5-year-old Performs “You Raise Me Up”, Now Her Voice Is Leaving Millions In Chills


“You Raise Me Up” is a modern day classic. The song was originally written by the Irish-Norwegian duo called Secret Garden. But the song really became more popular after being covered by the talented singer Josh Groban. It was further popularized by the boy band WestLife, who topped the charts with their rendition of the classic song. The song is now considered to be a modern day hymn in many churches around the world.

The lyrics too are very inspiring and uplifting. The little girl in the following video was onstage to perform her own spin on the classic. Meet Celine Tam. She might look young, but she is brimming with so much talent! She was only 5 years old when this performance was filmed, yet her voice was way beyond her age. If you love this song, you will surely love her interpretation of it!

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