Baby Boy Looks Closely At Nurse


This little boy is a sweet ray of sunshine.

He melts our hearts with his appearance, and yet, we can’t stop watching. You will click play over and over again, and then, we would like you to send this video to everyone you know. The little boy has an appointment with the nurse.

Most children are stressed when they hear they need to go to the doctor, but this cutie handles it like a professional. He is so calm that you will swoon, and when he is not looking into the camera, he seems to enjoy this medical examination.

Of course, it is quite a task for the baby of his age, but he is passing it with flying colors. The tummy pinching in the beginning has everyone in stitches and when you see what happens next you are going to be playing this on repeat.

The boy is tired, so he thinks it would be cool if he rests his head on the nurse’s hand. What a sweetie! We can’t get enough of the video, and the more we watch it, the more enchanted we become. It is clear that the woman has her practice with the babies, and this toddler is in the right place.

He makes the audience gasp, and while there are videos of children being hysterical over minor issues, we have an exception over here. This is created to keep your spirits high on a cold rainy day, and we would like you to leave us a comment below.

Is this fellow winning your heart, too? Don’t hesitate to answer and drop us a line if you liked the tape!