Baby Deer Comes Face To Face With Little Girl, Dad’s Captured Footage Lights Up The Internet


When Dad and his sweet little girl went outside to garden, they had no idea that a curious creature was waiting for them. They turned the corner and spotted a small doe staring back at them! Instead of running away, the deer decided to have some fun with the little girl! Thank goodness Dad had his phone nearby and was able to capture this heartwarming moment…

According to the Deer World website, the relationship between deer and humans can be a complicated, sometimes frustrating, thing! The site explains that deer are devoted to roaming their territory, and when that land pushes up against human civilization, it can be hard to deal with for homeowners. As you can see in the clip here, deer love gardens and potted plants – even though it’s cute from a distance, this can be devastating to farmers who rely on their crops for income.

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