Their Baby Was Diagnosed With Severe Autism – 11 Years Later They Make A Startling Discovery


Arthur and Tammy noticed one of their twins wasn’t keeping up, but they were astonished years later by her newfound gift. One of their twins, Carly Fleischmann was diagnosed with severe autism and an oral motor condition. She was unable to speak, but her parents were devoted to doing everything they could to teach her and be there for her.

Carly’s first few years of life prevented her from even sitting or walking, but with the constant love and care from her parents, she continued learning new things. However, she was still unable to communicate in any way, until one day which lead to a major breakthrough. Reaching for the computer keys, Carly began to type, “Hurt,” and “Help.” Everyone was amazed at what she was doing, and encouraged her to keep expressing to them what she was feeling.

Typing one letter at a time, Carly began to unravel her thoughts and communicate what she had been thinking all along.

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