Baby Girl Looks Straight At Mommy, Delivers “Fake Cry” That Has Internet In Laughter


Crying is a baby’s way to tell the world that they need something. Whether it’s a bottle, time for a change or time to get up from a nap, a baby’s cry is important for all parents to pay attention to.

However, some crying is just a way for them to get Mom and Dad’s attention and affection. That’s what this little girl discovered and now her absolutely adorable fake cry is going totally viral…

Even though we may be concerned about every little whimper our babies make, the Medical Daily website explains that a large portion of their tantrums may actually be fake! The site says that babies often fake cry because it’s an easy way to get a mother’s attention.

They said that fake crying can be identified by the pauses a baby makes while waiting to see if Mom is paying attention, as well as the positive behavior (laughing and smiling) displayed immediately after the crying. Even though this may be frustrating to exhausted parents, the site says that this behavior is totally normal and actually a good thing.

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