Baby Pups Adore Their Little Owner! They Cannot Part With Him Even During Sleep! Delightful!


It’s great to have a little puppy. This baby will learn to appreciate animals at a young age!Oh that is so cool! Build good and happy memories. Because together they are the cutest family in the world! They think he’s the mother, that’s why they’re so eager to follow. The real mother is behind the gate in the last clip.

There’s straight science behind the bond that humans and animals share, but you don’t need a big ol’ book or someone with a Ph.D. to tell you that that bond is unbreakable (and seriously adorable). There’s a reason dog has long been called man’s best friend—and it goes all the way back to when dog was a puppy, and man was a baby. Behold! The cutest of cute puppies and babies totally in love with each other.

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