Baby Trying Peas For The 1st Time


Does anyone like the taste of peas? Sure, they make an okay soup and they’re an interesting garnish on salads. But is that all they’re good for when it comes to food? One little lady who clearly doesn’t appreciate Mom and Dad feeding her peas for the first time is Olivia. Life has been pretty easy so far for this sweet 6-month-old. To date, Olivia has only had bellies full of Mom’s milk, rice cereal and a few other tasty, mushy foods! Now it’s time to venture out and try new things. Mom and Dad grab the can of peas and the video camera — they have a feeling this is going to be a moment they will want to remember forever. But they have no idea the funky peas will drive their daughter to say her first words…

As soon as Mom tries to push a spoonful of mashed peas into Olivia’s mouth, her entire expression turns. The smiling 6-month-old is replaced by a frowning baby who has no interest in Mom’s green mush. As if her facial expression isn’t enough to understand she’s disgusted by the peas, Olivia leans over and says her first words!

Olivia looks at Mom and says, “I done.” It’s clear she doesn’t want another terrible spoonful of peas. She wants the yummy rice cereal and sweet fruits again. What is this garbage? Mom and Dad can’t keep their laughter down after hearing their daughter’s funny first words. They assumed peas probably wouldn’t be her favorite before feeding her, but they weren’t expecting it to be so bad that it pushed Olivia to speak. Take a peek at Olivia’s hilarious reaction to peas in the video below. I bet it’s a long time before Mom and Dad give Olivia peas again!