Boy Plays With A ‘Strange’ Friend


They say that dog is “man’s best friend” but that’s not a sentiment that’s shared by all other animals. From monkeys to horses, there are a whole lot of contenders vying for that number one bestie spot. And can you blame them? We humans can be pretty awesome sometimes (I’m told that I give the most amazing belly rubs).

Now, I’m sure that we’ve all seen more than a few YouTube clips of various animals getting very chummy with humans and doing all kinds of adorably silly things. But here’s a very unusual video that left me stunned for a good  long while… the young boy in this video has developed a special bond with a stingray! And not just any stingray… a HUGE stingray that likes to hang out at a fishing harbour!

On the Canary Islands in Spain, there’s a harbour in Vueltas, Valle Gran Rey frequently used by the local fishermen. These fishermen end up throwing some of their catch back into the water, and this has attracted other aquatic life who come over to feed.

One of these hungry visitors includes a big ol’ stingray who ended up befriending a young boy named Joel. When it’s feeding time, Joel will come out to the water and splash his hands to call his buddy over.

Stingrays are typically not aggressive but they’ve earned their name by having a poisonous stinger which they use when they feel their lives are being threatened. These guys like to hang out in shallow waters so make sure you don’t step on them! You wouldn’t step on your friends, would you?