Bully Calls 4-Year-Old “Ugly” So She Records An Epic Response For Him


Do you know what’s cool about being young? The fact that you’re completely uninhibited with what you say, and not socially influenced to be or act a certain way. Each child has a strong personality, and whether it is from nature or nurture, peer pressure has yet to distract them from who they are and what they’re all about.

Having said that, this video is an absolute gem as it completely validates the above statement. It involves a young girl who is only four years old and in pre-school. Her mother is recording her as she talks about a bad incident that happened at school that day. Unfortunately, the little girl was made to feel upset because one of her peers called her “ugly.” And while this heartbreaking incident may make you feel sad for the young girl, it is what comes next that’ll have you feeling proud.

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