Christmas Pageant Turns Into Adorable Brawl When Sheep Toddler Kidnaps Baby Jesus


When working with kids and animals, anything can, and will, happen!

At a Christmas pageant nativity scene in White Pine, Tennessee, an adorable toddler brawl broke out when one little girl decided she needed to dance with the baby Jesus doll right then and there. The child playing Mary, however, disagreed!

Tana Benson was attending the pageant at the First Baptist Church of White Pine, where her daughter, two year-old Teegan, was playing the role of a sheep in the nativity scene. The choir was singing “Away In A Manger” and the mood was sufficiently somber, but not for long!

Suddenly Teegan stood up and reached into the manger, pulling out the Jesus doll and holding it close. She turned towards the audience and smiled smugly, swaying with the baby to the music.

The audience laughed as Teegan stole the show, but one member of the toddler nativity was not laughing. The three year-old who was playing Mary jumped to her feet and tried to grab the doll from Teegan. As Joseph looks on worriedly, an adorable struggle ensued, and the crowd could not stop giggling.

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