Claire Releases Brand New Song, Daddy Joins In And Melts Everyone’s Heart!


Claire is so adorable when she closes her eyes and sings! I love this song! May this little girl sing always for God, for His glory! It’s a blessing to listen to her!

Going on a Claire & the Crosbys binge and I’m amazed by her progress. I love her family! I wish her all the best! This just brought me to tears. I just would like to say this prayer for your sweet Claire!

Under the video little Claire said: ‘We’re so grateful that Christ could overcome death, sin, and afflictions of every kind, so that we can find peace in this life no matter the challenges we face.’

If you haven’t heard of 5-year-old superstar Claire Ryann, it’s easy to think she’s just another child celebrity with a pinch of talent. But as soon as you hear her sing alongside her father, all of those preconceived notions fly out the window.

That breathtaking voice and adorable presence are why she decided to release yet another song — but this time it’s not about her favorite Disney characters. Instead, Claire and her father decided to honor their faith in God.

Coupled with the soothing sound of her father and the gorgeous springtime setting, Claire wandered around a local park and gently sang into the camera. She and her parents knew they didn’t need fancy camera tricks or an elaborate background to honor Him. All they needed was their faith and love in their hearts.

Claire understood the importance of this song and did her best to do it justice. Sure enough, her rendition of “Peace in Christ” was absolutely flawless and quickly went viral online. The five-year-old managed to garner nearly half a million views in less than one week!

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