This cute baby says «oh no» after sneezing! Funny!


I have this as my ringtone! I’m pretty sure I watched this about 50,000 times! That «Oh no» is the best in history! Can anyone break the replay button?!

Really, it’s so cute! His eyes are so beautiful! I am sure most of the views are from people who can’t stop hitting the replay button! The sweetest ‘oh no’ I ever heard! So watch it!

Babies are too cute. From hiccups to cuddles, bath time and accomplishing big life milestones – it seems like there’s nothing our little ones do that isn’t downright awesome.
So when Mom discovered that her baby boy had an interesting reaction to sneezing, she grabbed her phone and started recording. She had no idea that it would go totally viral in a matter of minutes!

According to Parents Magazine, young babies sneeze more often than toddlers and adults! This is because they have no other way to clear their nasal passage and get rid of irritating airborne particles. The publication also explains that babies are more likely to sneeze after nursing. This happens since one nostril is pushed up against the mother’s body and the nasal passage is closed off.

As soon as the feeding is done, the baby will sneeze to open up the nasal passage and make it easier to breathe! It’s so darn cute when a baby sneezes, no matter the reason, though. That’s probably the case for Gabriel Jones’ adorable little one. He’s sneezed so many times and heard his parents say “oh no” after the sneezes that he learned to mimic their reaction.

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