Cute Flower Girl Pushed Down the Aisle in Toy Car


Wedding ceremonies are big on traditions and without a doubt, one of the most adorable traditions is the flower girl. You know… the young lady who walks down the aisle while scattering flower petals to create a beautiful path for the bride. But how did this tradition begin?

Back during the Roman Empire, flower girls were typically young girls who carried a sheaf of wheat. It was believed that this practice would help bring prosperity to the bride and groom. As history moved forward, the sheaf of wheat was replaced by numerous different things, including: garlic (to repel evil spirits), rosemary branches, a silver cup filled with flower petals and rosemary leaves, and eventually a basket full of flowers.

But what do you do when your flower girl isn’t even old enough to walk?

A bride and groom had one adorable little girl in mind to be their flower girl, except there was one problem: she couldn’t walk! So that’s when they got creative.

Instead of having her walk down the aisle, they had her roll in on a pink, plastic car that was pushed by the ring bearer. And the reaction from the crowd says it all… it’s adorably hilarious! Everyone reached for their camera to make sure that they captured this precious moment and it certainly sounded like the flower girl was having a fun time. Perhaps this wasn’t totally in keeping with tradition but I think it’s safe to say that everyone loved it.

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