Cute toddler shares her hilarious take on visit to the gym. And she says quite right things!


Children have their own way of looking at things. And they often tell direct but quite logical things.

Perhaps, if people saw the world the same way as kids, their lives would be easier and happier. Children are known to be incredibly curious and they often ask lots of questions. You don’t even have time to answer one question and they start bombarding you with the new ones.

Have you ever asked toddlers their point of view about some vital things and how they can explain them? Sometimes their answers may absolutely blow your mind.

Mila is a precious 3-year-old toddler who has gained fame, along with her parents and sister, on her mom’s Instagram account. It has amassed over 2.4 million followers.

Mila’s known for going off on adorable rants about any and every topic. Those topics can range anywhere from football season to airport security. All of her insanely cute videos have been viewed millions of times.

What makes the videos so adorable is the fact that she talks about things a 3-year-old would never normally know about; she also has a very sarcastic and mature tone to all of her videos as well. She’s a natural born comedian.

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