Dad Catches Newborn Twins Talking


Often people underestimate the power of humans and animals. When we see adorable puppies smiling gleefully or a baby letting out an innocent giggle, we chalk it up to cuteness and chance. But in actuality, every single smile, frown, laugh or cry has a meaning. And when we bear witness to one of the more adorable moments in life, it’s something that needs to be shared. Goodness knows that we all love and appreciate a good story, a wonderful laugh, kind word or even a big smile.

Which is why we can be thankful that technology has advanced so much in the last decade that we have the ability to capture any and everything. In this way, we’re taking a blissful moment and capturing it to serve as a memory for the rest of our lives. Isn’t that absolutely fantastic?

And to brighten up your day, a brand new dad has caught the most adorable thing on video and shared it for the world to see. His twin daughters were just one-hour-old when they first started communicating with each other. Which is stunning but also not entirely surprising, as twins do have a special connection like no other.

In the video, the two twins lie calmly next to each other when the one starts to move her lips as if she were talking. Her sister listens and waits patiently for her to finish her sentence, and then begins responding in the most adorable fashion you’ve ever seen. Already, they’re learning the importance of family, giving and sharing as well as listening.