Dad Catches Son While He’s Not Watching — His Performance Goes Viral!


I absolutely love it!!! He’s got his future lined up already! A star is born! Excellent! He’s the cutest little country star ever! Going to be a great man right there! So watch it below!

Some people were just born with that certain something, the kind of magic that will make them star. And Jackson Curley certainly has that certain something. There’s no doubt that he will be big in country music when he grows up. Jackson’s dad, Uwe Curley of Ganado, Arizona, secretly filmed the tiny future country star while he was jamming out on his toy guitar and singing George Strait’s “Heartland.”

“Caught him in his element. Performing to his imaginary sold out stadium!” his dad wrote in the caption to the video of his son’s impressive performance. Not only did this adorable little tyke sing the song perfectly but he has a rock and roll edge and brings some soul to the song.

He also completely looks the part with an oversized cowboy hat with a super long feather, plaid shirt, blue jeans, and brown cowboy boots. He also has a sweet guitar solo towards the end where he wails on his guitar then waves to his imaginary fans.

This kid is bad ass and freaking awesome. And the rest of the world thinks so too. Uwe’s video has gone viral was viewed more than 25 million times and was shared more than 418,000 times on Facebook.

People are absolutely in love with little Jackson and it isn’t hard to see why. This video is beyond adorable and we are in love with it too. Many people were happy to see a child enjoying themselves and making their own fun instead of sitting in front of a screen. “This is how children should be,” said one commenter on Facebook. “Outside playing using their imaginations. He will go along way.”

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