Dad Makes Baby Burst Into Laughter. Loses It Seconds Later When Baby Sounds Just Like A Sheep


A dad and his baby son looked each other in the eye – as if they both knew what hilarious moment was about to take place. A joyous atmosphere filled the family room when dad and mom devoted their time to the kids.

While mom held the camera ready to capture it all, dad sat on the floor with the little baby boy and his big sister. The comfort of being together and the satisfaction of having all attention on him had the baby boy as happy as could be.

To the entire family’s delight, the little boy let out a belly laugh which they will never forget. It was the funniest thing they’d heard! The grin just never leaves this little guy’s face.

Finding dad’s voice absolutely hysterical, the little boy couldn’t hold back the laughter. The more dad talked, the funnier he became. Dad’s response is hilarious, too!

This dad, on the other hand, also couldn’t hold back his own laughter. The baby may have found him to be hilarious, but dad found equal entertainment in the way that his little boy laughed – sounding like a little sheep.

Dad was in hysterics as he exclaimed, “You’re not a sheep! You’re a boy!” With a laughter all of his own, his dad and mom couldn’t resist getting him to laugh as much as possible.

This was a sound they could listen to all day long. All baby giggles are cute, but this little boy had such a funny sound to his giggle that his parents were stunned with delight. Even his siblings couldn’t contain they laughter.

They all just couldn’t get enough! This sheep-sounded giggle coming out of their son was unlike anything they’d heard. He’s not very old, but he’s so funny!

What a cutie pie! All because mom and dad valued their time together and sat down with their kids, they were able to share this lasting memory. It’s one they’re all sure to never forget.

We’re so happy they captured this on camera and shared it with everyone! This interaction is a hoot!

Watch how happy this little boy became when dad got him to laugh in the greatest way in the video below.