Dad Singing Duet With Baby Girl


The rule that nature rests on the children of talented people, in this case, clearly misfired. A nice little girl named Claire-daddy’s daughter. It is not only similar to him in appearance, but also fully shares his interests and Hobbies.

A couple have already posted, as Claire sings a song of the little Mermaid. This time, they decided to conquer the audience with the hit “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”! you just have to hear it! When my daughter was born, I occasionally caught myself on the fact that in the early days of just stood there and watched her, fascinated, touched by everything she did.

Of course, truly outstanding things the baby has mastered not soon, but everything about her seemed magical — the smell of her hair and the tiny grips (with sharp nails) to the groaning and soft breathing while awake, and the expression of pure peace on her face in sleep.

But just a few days later I had to go down from heaven to earth: the role of the father meant much more than just admiring the baby. In order to build her exactly the kind of relationship I wanted, needed to roll up their sleeves and actively participate in the process (metaphorically — until this point I have changed many diapers…).

The problem was that I didn’t spend much time with the kids before and didn’t know what to do. But asking for help (like any normal man) I’m not used to, so there was only one way to find out what I needed to do — take a deep breath and act.