Dad Starts Clearing Leaves From Yard


Pulling funny little pranks on Dad was always fun growing up. We’d hide behind doorways and jump out to scare him or put plastic bug toys on his plate. It was all in good fun and, after his initial shock, he’d laugh too.

Well, this dad was in for the shock of his life while he was out blowing leaves in his yard one day. He had a bunch of them in a pile and was starting to clear them into the woods behind the house when his leaf blower suddenly uncovered something that made him fall back in surprise!
Hiding underneath the giant pile of leaves were his two young sons!

It’s clear mommy had helped set up the prank – she made sure the boys had protection over their ears and then got the camera ready to capture the big “Gotcha!” moment.

I think his reaction was even better than she had hoped for!

While he was definitely stunned at first and had to take a second to get his heart rate back down, it all ended in a sweet hug.

It’s the little memories like this one that these boys will hold onto forever! How lucky they are to have such a great dad!

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