Dad Strums Guitar. Twin Sisters Stop Snacking, Give Each Other Signal For “Special Dance.”


Everybody’s got a happy dance! Some will shake it to good news, while others bob their heads. Some will “stir the soup” or snap their fingers, jump up and down and move it all around. Others might do the Macarena, or click their heels. And happy dances can change depending on the circumstance!

These 11-month old twins have their happy dance routine down pat, and in sync no less! You can tell they’ve been practicing!

Dad is a musician, and while he plays for big crowds, his two biggest fans are at home. Mom, Ashley, put the two girls, Chloe and Alexis in their high chairs to snack on some peas, while she turned on the camera and got dad to play a little ditty. It’s clear the girls know what’s coming. Their excitement is bubbling up, and the girl to the left is eager to start dancing as she begins to open and close her hands. You can hear dad say, “Are you guys ready?” and he starts to play.

Barely even a few chords into the song, both girls whip their heads around to look at each other, shooting one another an all-too-familiar glance before breaking out into dance! They are full-on wiggling to the music with beaming smiles and bright faces. They love dad’s music! And they’re shaking around for a few moments, loving every second of it!