Daddy rewrote the lyrics to “Jingle Bells.”


A baby’s first Christmas can be a momentous event for everyone in the family! Mom and Dad dress Baby up in a cute themed outfit, put out cookies for Santa and watch eagerly as Baby tears open the wrapping paper! So when baby Summer Noel was gearing up for her first Christmas, Mommy and Daddy really knew how to make it special! It all had to do with incorporating their love for Christmas music with the excitement of Summer’s first holiday season…

Step one was to teach her (from the start) about the real meaning behind this wonderful holiday. Step two, dress her up in the most precious Christmas gear you can get your hands on. Step three, give her a private concert from your music minister Daddy! During a holiday when being surrounded by family is what matters the most, but is often forgotten, it’s great to see a loving father start such a heartwarming tradition.

We hope he sings this song to Summer every single year during Christmastime! As she bops along in her father’s arms and smiles intently, it’s impossible not to want to snuggle Summer in your own arms and sing along!

This little family knows that Summer will look at this video for years to come – and hopefully she’ll have the same lovable smile on her face! Take a peek at their sweet song for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. What a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Maybe we can all take a lesson from this video and try it out with our own children!