Daddy Sings Classic Tune To Baby Girl


Video about true father’s love. The one that never stops. Young dad sings the girl a song so sweet that leads to the singing of the baby in delight. In the song her father says to her:”

You are so beautiful”,” you are my hope”, “you are everything for me”. 30-second video has already gained 2 million views on the Network. Touched users are showered with baby and father compliments! “You’re the best” – these words should be the motto of fatherhood. How does the father’s behavior affect his daughter and what do all dads need to know?

Read more… Where do you think smart, attractive and successful women come from? So psychologists have found out that just from those families where girls had good relations with the father and there are these bright personalities. Successful in all spheres of life. It is through the relationship with her own father, the girl receives such popular qualities as the desire to make a career, analytical mindset, ability to achieve goals, and, incidentally, the ability to compete with men in any matters, she also receives from the father.

It happens that a father play with his daughter more difficult than with my son. After all, the boys are all simple and familiar: football, racing, games with a sword, sword or other movable.