Daddy Tries to Sing


That’s why I love babies!

According to his dad, Enzo has always been a lively baby, and now he is trying to imitate his father on camera. The song they are performing is traditional in Brazil, but the little one doesn’t want to give up. He won’t let dad explain the lyrics to him. He wants to show everyone that he is a smart guy and can memorize the words in no time.

At one point, the dad is a little bit angry with Enzo, and he tries to stop the baby with a warning gesture. It means he shouldn’t sing, but only listen, but that tactic doesn’t work. When you see this duet on the screen, you understand why videos with dads and their children are so popular.

We can say that Enzo is irresistible, and he can become a great performer in the future, because he is raised in a decent family, but for now, he is too stubborn to wait for a few minutes. His dad wants to show him the basics of the composition, but Enzo already made up his mind and he doesn’t wish to follow the rules.

They are just not for him. What a hilarious cutie! He already melts our hearts with his very presence, and we can’t get enough of the tape.

Do you want to know what happens next? Click play to find out.You can watch the video again and again, and it is always entertaining, because Enzo is a little ray of sunshine who charms everyone around him.

When he is on the screen, you know you are going to be knocked off your feet, and we have to agree: this footage will definitely lift your mood.