Deaf Baby Girl Hears Mommy Say “I Love You” For 1st Time. Next Moment Is Putting Internet In Tears


Charly’s parents realized their beautiful baby girl wasn’t responding to certain vocal cus and noises. That’s when they rushed Charly to the doctor and had her hearing tested.

The results confirmed what they suspected… Charly’s hearing was impaired and she needed a hearing aid right away.

After getting the aid molded to Charly’s ear, it was time to turn it on. They had no idea that their baby girl would have such a strong reaction!

According to the Healthy Hearing website, young children with intact hearing pick up on language that envelops them regularly. As adults speak around them, certain words, meanings and pronunciations are picked up.

But for babies with hearing loss, that type of incidental language development is missing and makes developing their language skills much harder. That’s why it’s important to outfit children with hearing aids as early as possible!

The earlier they are fitted with the hearing aid, the sooner they can participate in typical developmental milestones. That’s why Charly’s parents were determined to help their daughter as a baby.

They knew waiting any longer could be detrimental to her development. They hoped that the hearing aid would be the answer to Charly’s difficulty in hearing. Since she is such a young baby, they weren’t sure how well it work thought.

The moment the hearing aid was in place and turned on, Charly’s face lit up. Hearing her mother’s voice for the very first time was an overwhelming experience and brought her to tears. The expressions fleeting across her face will tug at your heartstrings!

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