Disabled Student Can’t Take Part In Class Hiking Trip, Teacher Refuses To Leave Her Behind & Devises Plan


Helma Wardenaar was determined to find a way. She asked a friend if she could borrow their pony but it was against the rules of the forest preserve. She even tried out a wheelbarrow but it wasn’t a safe enough to carry Maggie. That’s when, days before the hike, she got an email back from Greg at the REI store. He had something for her.

Greg and Ms Wardenaar managed to find the perfect way to bring Maggie along on the school trip. Needless to say, Maggie and her family were absolutely delighted that her teacher had gone the extra mile to include her in the school trip.

Watch the video below to hear Helma Wardenaar’s inspiring story and how it impacted young Maggie’s life. Just because she was born with a condition out of her control, she shouldn’t have to miss out on life experiences. Thankfully, she has a loving teacher who won’t let that happen.

If this story touched you, you can donate to Ms. Helma’s Special Education department on the GoFundMe page. The money raised will support other students like Maggie so that they can have the same access to experiences within the school.

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