Doctors didn’t think he could make it! The little hero who had 22 brain surgeries finally goes to a normal school!


I’m glad he survived and I hope he’ll have a prosperous future ahead of him! I wish they wouldn’t give him processed sugar as a reward!

There is nothing more exciting for parents than seeing their children accomplish big and small achievements. First smile, first steps, first words, the first day of kindergarten, the first day of school, first… everything. But for this little guy, all these natural things come at a much bigger price, making them zillion times more precious.

After having to undergo 22 brain surgeries and a multitude of health problems, little Dylan Lipton-Lesser, 5, of Chesterfield County, has proved this week that anything is possible by proudly rolling his bright walker to the kindergarten. There are no words that can describe the excitement of his moms, India Lipton, 45, and Shirley Lesser, 54, who were watching their heroic little fellow make his first steps to school and education.

Little Dylan was born 11 weeks premature and, as a result, had to suffer a number of complications. He had so many health problems, that doctors didn’t even think he would survive. In his short life, he has already undergone 22 life-threatening brain surgeries and has had to fight many battles, including brain bleeds, infections, and hydrocephalus.

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