She has doubts about Santa’s weird habits!


Mila deserves an Oscar right away! She reminds me of ‘Tweety’ from Looney tunes! Mila is so cute!!! So watch it!

It’s the time of the year again where we’re all looking forward to Christmas, and the little ones are eagerly waiting for Santa’s presents. Mila, an adorable little girl, certainly has her doubts about Santa’s long list of strange activities. She wonders if Santa Claus has to break into houses to deliver all those presents, for example.

Her mom posted a video of Mila’s explanation on YouTube and it’s absolutely hilarious. “Mila gives her thoughts on Santa. Points out the things that are funny or odd about him if you really think about it,” the video caption reads. We have to admit – Mila is definitely right about Santa’s strange habits! The funny little girl mentions that Santa is great, but some things just seem a little bit off.

“So I’m supposed to meet Santa at the mall,” Mila says in the video. “You mean Santa, the dude mom mentions to manipulate me? Yeah peeps, we know the deal. This ain’t my first rodeo.” Every child knows that Santa can see you when you’re sleeping and also knows when you’re awake, but Mila points out that it’s a bit creepy. It gets even funnier when she says that Santa has no life!

“He knows when I’m sleeping? He knows when I’m awake? First off… This guy has no life. And that’s really creepy! Mila also has some remarks about the tune of “You better not shout, you better not cry.” “Better not shout, better not cry? This guy’s standards… Way too high!” The little girl also says that Santa’s habits of entering the house are a bit unusual…

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