Flower Girl Scared To Walk Down Aisle, Guests Howl In Laughter How Groomsman Saves The Day


Children-the sincerity of the wedding! They should learn to enjoy every moment and get real pleasure from the holiday! In the morning the kids begin to gather for your holiday. Believe me, they are always very responsible to that. Girls are even ready to “sleep on curlers”. Isn’t it a beauty?

They are just like You think over your image and their outfits! “Own” the children of Your guests, who You invited along with their parents. “Invitees” are the kids You hire for your wedding.

As a rule, this service is used if the couple wants to involve children in the ceremony, and they do not have such an opportunity. Or all the children among the guests or a very small or very large.

According to the etiquette, the invitations need to specify the names of everyone you want to see. If you decide to invite a family in part-time (for example, without children), write down the specific names. Otherwise, you should not be surprised that instead of 2 people it’s 4 or Vice versa.

When invitations are sent, you can invite children (their parents) to participate in the wedding ceremony. Can take part not only the little Princess, but also for smoothies. If consent is obtained, it is worth discussing the appearance of children. Their hairstyles, outfits and accessories, if any (such as a flower wreath).