The Girl Who Lives Without A Face, Found A Soul Mate


The girl, who was born without a face, challenged the doctors. Moreover, she found the same person as she was. Besides, the girl lived to see his 9th birthday, despite the fact that she was destined to live only a few hours.

Vitoria Marchioli of the Brazilian city of Barra de Sao Francisco suffers from Tricher Collins syndrome, due to which the growth of her cranial bones stopped, and the face is seriously deformed. Metro writes that when the girl was just born, the doctors thought that she would not live a few hours, not to mention years.

Contrary to the predictions of doctors, Vitoria is still alive and even celebrated his 9th birthday. In all that time she has undergone several operations to restore the eyes, nose and mouth, and also the procedure which stimulated its motor function.

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