He Grabs The Baby’s Trunk, The Herd Around Him Does…WOW!


A baby elephant was abandoned by his mother when their herd was chased from an area of human settlement in Africa. When the male calf wandered into a local village searching for company, KWS Rangers rescued him. Because of the rough terrain and dense forest conditions, getting him back together with his herd was impossible. Cue in The David Sheldrick Wildlife for an amazing rescue.

The baby elephant known as Kithaka, had to be transported to the local airfield to be airlifted to the Nairobi Nursery. Transporting this bumbling little guy was no easy feat for these heroic rangers, who had the task of controlling the wobbly baby who already weighed over 200 pounds and had a tendency to wander.

The video below follows Kithaka on his amazing journey to his new home, where he was quickly welcomed by a herd of other rescue elephants. The adult females of the herd immediately fell in love with Kithakay, and loved and nurtured him as if he was their very own.

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