Gran Sings Softly To Baby At Church, Boy’s Singing Is Lighting Up The Internet


I have never been a singer. I was a part of the choir in elementary school, but I’m sure that if they ever gave me a solo part in any choir performance, no one would be impressed. I was never into singing really, I’ve always been more of a dance person. But the baby in the video below seems to be a born singer or at least a professional in the (early) making.

This little boy couldn’t help but sing along with grandma when she joined in with the church choir. Grandma is singing “Something About the Name of Jesus,” and although she has the lyrics down pat, the baby stills need some more practice — of course!

As gran sings to the boy, he tries to say the words right back. Of course, he is too young even to make out the exact lyrics, let alone repeat them, but his efforts are so cute, and the sounds that come out of his mouth are adorable. Even though he hasn’t picked up on the actual words, his tune seems to match that of gran’s almost perfectly.

Everyone around the baby is not only surprised at his ability to pick up the sound of the music and try to copy each of grandma’s words, but they’re also amused. You can hear people around them “aww-ing” and laughing at the little guy’s attempts to sing with the choir.

It’s such a cute sight! Click on the link below and watch him for yourself