Her Brother Gets Pat Down At Airport Security


Travelling can be a lot of fun. But it can get a little tiresome too, especially while travelling through airports. You have to be very careful about your luggage, and with all the new security requirements these days, it can even be a hassle. Because of the rising incidents of terrorism, it is important to be more careful and screen travellers more thoroughly, but in the eyes of a two-year-old, it’s just a little too overboard.

Meet Mila. She’s only two, and she had her experience with the TSA while travelling to Michigan with her family. After all that was done, she had a long rant to voice out! She was not happy with the lines, and was thankful she’s still in diapers, as anything else would have caused quite a problem for her. She was mad that they took away her sippy cup, and restated that she was just 2!

Her brother got a pat down from the security though, and she was mortified by it. It was really embarrassing, and the incident seems to have annoyed her a lot. Look at her rolling her eyes to much! She can’t seem to stand them at all! Well, it’s no surprise, as going through so many checks is quite stressful indeed, especially when you have a plane to catch!

Mila’s sassy rant perfectly encapsulates everyone’s airport experience, doesn’t it? We can all relate to her in some level!

Check out this hilarious video below: